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JPR Surveys is a small  practice with a single principal providing a professional personal service covering the basic disciplines relative to the purchase of residential property. Our company is regulated by RICS for client protection.


We aim to have your survey delivered to you within five working days from completion of inspection and offer free advice and quotes on the type of survey necessary for the property.


We cover the East Anglia area but mainly Suffolk and Essex.








Did you know that a Mortgage Valuation is not a survey; it is a limited check on the property that your mortgage lender, (bank), carries out to ensure it is worth the money they are lending to you.


Lenders may provide a copy of the mortgage valuation to the buyer but it is unlikely to cover items of detail which would be picked up in a survey. It is still advisable and prudent to arrange a survey by your own surveyor.


The consumers' association Which? magazine and the Council of Mortgage Lenders both give this advice.


The Mortgage Valuation report is prepared for the lender - not for you, the borrower. You cannot rely on it to answer the questions which concern your personal interests.

There may be problems in the property that would cost a huge amount to put right and they will not appear in the Valuation Report. This is why it is really important you have a RICS Surveyor who is fully qualified to carry out a detailed survey before you commit to purchase your home.

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