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Survey Types

The Home Survey, (equivalent Level 2), is most suitable for properties that were built from around 1850 onward and that on the face of it appear in reasonable condition. The Report has colour-coded ratings for various elements of the property making it easy to identify where the main issues of concern are. It is produced in a standard format set by RICS.


It doesn't detail every aspect of the property but focuses on significant matters needing attention. It is not usually suitable for properties in need of renovation or if you are planning major alterations. However it still covers most people's concerns such as damp , subsidence, loft inspection, lifting of drain covers, etc. (drains are not tested). Visual inspections of electrical and heating installations. We do not provide a valuation.



A Building Survey, (equivalent Level 3), is appropriate when the property is generally built before 1850, is of unusual construction or is large and complex or significant alterations have been carried out or are planned.

It is a more detailed report whilst still produced on a standard RICS format and includes a separate appendix of photographs showing general views of the building and specific defects. We do not provide a valuation.



Both types of survey are based on visual inspections only. Carpets are not lifted and furniture is not generally moved. Recommendations are made if further specialist advice or testing is necessary. We do not provide a market valuation with our surveys as this is carried out by your lender, (mortgage provider), but concentrate instead on the technical aspects of the property.


Once you have received your report, if there is anything you wish to discuss or you require clarification of any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to address any concerns that you might have and to clarify any points raised.

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